The Conversations to Have With Your Boss Who Undervalues Forward-Thinking

Forward-thinking companies are the ones that move ahead. They’re innovative, proactive rather than reactive, and they lead the way in their industry. That’s because they decide what they want to achieve and stay laser-focused on the task. Being a forward-thinking employee is an asset—even if your boss undervalues your proactivity. In fact, you may have noticed your workplace could benefit from a little forward-thinking—perhaps you’ve found yourself in a reactive culture where nothing new is being accomplished and the long-term outlook never changes.

Stepping up and voicing your thoughts is important in your job growth and development. So the next time you have a 1:1 with your boss, just use one of these three conversation starters from one of the top Atlanta Staffing Agencies, Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Four Ways Companies can be More Forward-Thinking

All the most successful companies set goals and stay focused to get there. They also follow these three steps:

Planning Less in Order to Get Started

This isn’t saying a company shouldn’t plan at all—failure to plan is planning to fail. However, spending too much time spinning your wheels to forecast that which is ultimately an unknown is a waste of everyone’s energy. The best way to accomplish anything is to identify an end goal, outline a process and determine what could potentially go wrong—so you’re prepared to handle it if it does. But then, stop planning and start doing! Just be sure to stay agile along the way, so you can quickly recognize issues and take steps to amend them while the “machine” keeps grinding forward.

Learning How to Say No

Resources are limited, and only certain tasks are value-adds—helping the company move ever-forward towards its goals. That’s why sometimes it’s OK to say no to requests, proposals, or even new clients. In fact, some of the most successful companies may find themselves saying no more than they say yes. If it’s not in the company’s best future interest, it’s a good idea to say no.

Embracing Change

You can be focused on a task, but change tracks in order to keep moving forward. Part of being a forward thinker is being able to recognize what no longer works, decide what would work better, and then keep moving forward in that direction. It’s a waste of time and resources to keep at a process or procedure that isn’t yielding the results the company needs.

Know When to Say Goodbye

As a forward-thinking employee on the move, one conversation you should be prepared to have is your final one. If your thoughts and suggestions continuously fall on deaf ears while you can see the company isn’t latching onto growth opportunities or changing for the better—it might be in your best interest career-wise to move on.

Contact Happy Faces if You’re in Search of Something New

In your quest for career growth, you may be unsure where to go next. And that’s the value of an experienced recruiter. If you’re looking for employment in the beautiful Atlanta Metropolitan Area, give Happy Faces Personnel Group a call! We’ll work with you to find a job you love. To learn more, contact us today!


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