How You Can Start to Motivate Your Unmotivated Employees

Motivation makes your job as a manager easier. In a perfect world, all workers would be energized and ready to jump into each and every assignment. But unfortunately, employees have their good and bad days, and motivation can shift. So, what can you do to help your unmotivated employees feel that spark once again? Just follow these four steps from the provider of top Temp Services in Atlanta GA, Happy Faces Personnel Group.

FiveSteps to Motivate Your Staff

If they’re dragging their feet, you can add the spice back into your employees’ work lives by following these four tried-and-true steps:

Learn What Inspires Them

The first step in motivating your workers is learning what their passions are. What do they like best in life—both inside and outside the office? What are their hobbies, hopes and career aspirations? What types of assignments do they like best? What are they best at and enjoy doing the most? It stands to reason that if you understand what drives each employee, you can find ways to spark their interest on the job.

Understand Team Dynamics

It’s natural that your employees have “work besties,” and get along with certain teammates and supervisors better than others. Aside from simply liking certain people more, they may also work more constructively with certain coworkers. By pairing your staff with those they work best with, you will likely find they’re much more productive.

Assign Tasks that are Right for Them

This could mean matching a worker with something he or she likes to do, or assigning a new project that challenges an employee in all the right ways. Take a little time to determine what type of assignment would spark the interest of an unmotivated employee, and you may discover a level of productivity you forgot existed.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Another way to encourage productivity is to let a worker know you are counting on them to do a good job on an assignment. Simply knowing their work matters—to you, to the company, to coworkers or to customers—can take an employee’s enthusiasm from so-so to excellent in a few breaths.

The Basic Skillset Must be Present

Sometimes, highly skilled workers have just lost their mojo and need an inspiring new task to get it back. This happens sometimes and when it does, all is not lost—it just takes a little planning on your end to encourage hard work. But when a worker doesn’t have the required skills and also lacks motivation, it’s time to shift them into a more fitting position or let them go. It’s your role as a manager to ensure you have the right people on your team.

Looking to Staff Up?

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