Creating and Appointing a Wellness Committee: How to Get Your Team on Board with Health and Wellness This Summer

Wellness programs are the next big thing at many companies across the country. They’re a perfect way for employers keep healthcare benefit costs under control by encouraging wellness and healthy habits. But since just telling employees how to be well isn’t quite enough, wellness programs go a step further—providing the services and resources employees need to take positive steps towards healthier living. Many wellness programs include discounted gym memberships, access to smoking cessations products and services, on-site yoga and fitness activities, weight loss counseling, and much more.

To keep employees motivated, it also helps to have “health ambassadors” onsite at your company in the form of an employee wellness committee. Your wellness committee plans and manages wellness events and initiatives, acting as a go-to source of encouragement and motivation. If you’re ready to form a wellness committee in your office, the summer is a perfect time! And a leading resource for Temps in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group—offers five tips for wellness committee success. Here’s what you need to know.

How to create a wellness committee

It’s important that your wellness committee is well-rounded and represents a comprehensive slice of your organization. It should include members from several different departments, as well as at least one member from senior leadership. You’ll also want to appoint one or two team leaders in charge of setting and running regularly scheduled meetings and delegating tasks for wellness activities. Wellness committee team members should be available when employees have questions and should be visible at all wellness events.

Five ways to get your employees onboard with wellness this summer

With the sunshine and warm weather, it’s a natural inclination to be more active in the summer months. You can take advantage of this and work with your wellness committee by motivating employees to take steps towards new healthy habits. Consider any of the following:

Have a Kick-Off Picnic

Once you’ve established your wellness committee, take it outdoors to announce this new addition to your corporate culture! Set up outside the office during lunchtime and serve healthy food—such as grilled chicken sandwiches or veggie kabobs. Why not play games and raffle off employee gifts, such as water bottles, yoga mats, ear buds or even a fitness wearable?

Advertise Everywhere

Your wellness program and committee should not be a secret to your workers. When wellness events are approaching, advertise with posters, company-wide emails or posts on your intranet.

Form a Walking Club

Announce when you’ll meet each week to get outside and walk around the building. Your employees will appreciate the breather and companionship and they build a healthy walking habit.

Join a Walking or Running Event

Every summer, charitable organizations near and far sponsor races or walks for just about any cause you can imagine. Form a corporate team and participate! Have special shirts made that team members can wear during the event.

Purchase Break Time Equipment

If your outdoor grounds permit it, you can encourage your staff to be active during their breaks by providing the right equipment. This could include a horseshoe pit, softball and gloves, Ultimate Frisbee, bocce ball and other lawn games employees can use to have fun outside and get some activity in.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Your wellness committee is a positive step to motivate your workers to be more active. When people see their comrades joining in, they’ll be much more likely to participate themselves.

What’s Your Next Step?

A strong wellness strategy adds to your company culture, helping you attract the best and the brightest. But if you need extra support in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll work with you to understand your hiring needs and help you find top talent. To learn more, contact us today!



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