Make Employee Safety a Continuous Project—Not Something That Only Happens Amid Crisis Mode

It’s a natural instinct for your employees to protect themselves on the job. Your workers are undoubtedly already motivated to help you improve your company safety tactics. So why not harness this natural engagement to get your workers on board with a safety program right now—not when something dangerous happens? Just follow these safety tips from one of the top temp agencies in Marietta Georgia—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Five Ways to Encourage Safety Among Your Employees

You can help keep your work environment safe with these tips:

Have Regular Safety Meetings

This way, you can introduce new procedures and get employees’ feedback. What have they seen on the job that could present a safety concern? What’s working and what isn’t? Your employees have the first-hand experience that can help you strengthen your safety strategy.

Provide Adequate Training

All new hires should be trained in safety procedures. Depending on your business, these could include:

  • Proper equipment handling
  • Maintenance and storage
  • Proper chemical handling and storage
  • Ergonomic working; proper lifting and carrying techniques
  • How to keep work spaces clean
  • Fire and evacuation procedures

Appoint a Safety Committee

Choose a few workers from different departments and levels within your company. The safety committee is the eyes and ears of your company’s safety program—they’re tasked with making sure all employees are following the right safety procedures and identifying potential risks or training needs.

Offer “Active Shooter” Training

Unfortunately, this has become a necessity in our modern workplace and many employers now offer this to keep workers safe. You might consider contacting a local police station about information on presenting an in-service, or purchase a video series to provide this training.

Include a Safety Column in Employee Communications

This could be a column in your employee newsletter or a section on your company intranet. Your safety committee can provide ideas for content, or you might consider setting up a special inbox for employee suggestions.

It’s up to You to Maintain a Safe Work Environment

By keeping safety procedures top-of-mind, you can help your workplace stay accident-free.

Looking to Staff Up?

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