Quick Ways to Make More Time in Your Already Full Schedule

Do you reach the end of the day wondering where the time has gone? When you’re trying to get everything accomplished and feel there are not enough hours in the workday, have no fear. You can complete your tasks more efficiently, thereby opening up pockets of time for other responsibilities you may have. Just follow these top tips from Happy Faces Personnel Group—a leading source of jobs in Swainsboro GA.

Seven Ways Managers Can Work More Efficiently

Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned professional, you can accomplish more in less time with the following strategies:

Set Clear Expectations of Your Staff

People prefer to work with a clear understanding of what they’re working towards. It’s a win-win for everyone. So, to help your employees help you, state exactly what you expect from them on assignments. It can help to meet with your workers 1:1 at the beginning of an assignment, and outline duties, deliverables, milestones and clear deadlines. This will help you avoid double work and also improve employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Be a Master of Delegation

New managers may struggle with this, but even long-term managers may find themselves taking on too much from time to time. Define the roles of your workers and understand their talents and skill levels. This way, you can more easily delegate tasks and spread work around evenly. After all, many hands make lighter work.

Prioritize with a To-Do List

Don’t expect to keep everything in your head. Keeping a to-do list in a planner, spreadsheet or app is the best way to stay organized. Then, prioritize your tasks on a day-by-day basis, making a list of only those things you can reasonably accomplish in a day. Prioritize the most important tasks first. If you finish everything—great! You get bonus time to work on one more task. But by keeping a list of just the tasks to accomplish for one day, you can help to clear out “brain clutter” and stay focused.

Start Earlier than Your Staff

Many efficiency experts recommend this to begin the day fresh with a clear head. Arrive an hour or so early, get a cup of coffee, and plan out what you’ll work on for the day. You’ll be able to “hit the ground running” once staff arrives and the craziness of the day begins!

Don’t Check Your Email First Thing

Your email most likely has all kinds of inquiries and demands that can stress you out and threaten your clear-headed focus for the day. So when you arrive at the office, begin by writing your to-do list and opening your email next. You’ll be better able to determine how your email messages fit into your plan for the day.

Take Breaks

Everyone needs breaks, even managers. And taking a few minutes to breathe actually helps you save time by improving efficiency. After a break, you’ll return to your desk, refreshed and ready to go.

Work with a Recruiter

Staffing can be incredibly time-consuming—between posting a job, reviewing resumes, interviewing, hiring and onboarding. When you work with a recruiter, you can save time by relying on an expert to complete some or all of the steps required in the hiring process. This can open up more time for you to focus on other managerial tasks.

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