Trust Us… Avoid THESE Phrases During Your Next Interview

Preparing for an upcoming interview? If you’re looking for jobs in Tucker, GA or anywhere else in the country, it helps to practice a few interview skills before your big day. And knowing what NOT to say is almost as important as knowing what TO say.

Skip These Seven Phrases in Your Interview

Just follow these seven tips from Happy Faces Personnel Group to shine at your interview, and get one step closer to your next job:

“I’m so nervous!”

A potential employer doesn’t want to hire someone who lacks confidence. Everyone is at least a little nervous during an interview, but even if you’re more nervous than you’ve ever been, it doesn’t help your case to say so. Just relax and do your very best.

“I am hoping to make $XX.”

It’s not a good idea to bring salary, compensation or perks into the conversation when you’re trying to learn more about a potential job. This will make it seem like you’re only in it for the money, not the actual work itself.

“My biggest weakness is…”

Unless asked, don’t freely give away your weaknesses. Yes, we’re all human, but a hiring manager wants to know how you’ll rock at a job—not how you may potentially fail.

“My previous boss/job/company was terrible.”

Never, ever, ever sling mud during an interview. It will make you seem bitter and petty. Your potential employer is looking for someone who is mature, professional and positive—someone who can help the company achieve great things!

“I’m sorry.”

Too much apologizing during an interview makes you seem as if you lack confidence, but also like you’re making excuses. Prepare what you’re going to say, and say it—no apologies necessary.

“So, what does this company do?”

Asking questions about the company and job role are fine, but the basics are something you should know going into the interview. You should always do your homework and read up on the company—it shows your interest and dedication.

“Eventually, I’d like to be self-employed.”

Even if this is true, a job interview is not the time to bring it up. An employer is looking for someone who will be with the company for a while, not someone who will quickly cut and run to move onto something new.

Are you ready to make a great impression?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to interviews! And when you’re in search of your next job, let Happy Faces Personnel Group help! We’re a top staffing agency servicing the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and we’re ready to help you find a job you love! So when you’re ready, contact us to learn more!


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