Three Signs it’s Time for Your Company to Hire More Employees

Your employees keep your business running smoothly. They help you generate the products and services you need to maintain your current customers, as well as win new ones. The day-to-day processes of your company would not be possible without your workers—and as your business grows, you need to maintain a staffing level to match. So how do you know when it’s time to staff up? Just follow these tips from one of the top Atlanta staffing agencies—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Three Red Flags You Need More Employees

You may notice these changes little by little, or they may hit you all at once. But nevertheless, when the following three indicators become apparent, it’s time to take action:

Increased Overtime Costs

To meet increasing customer demands, your current staff may simply need to work longer hours. Not only can this become exhausting over days and weeks, it can also be a drain to your budget. The costs associated with overtime can be much more than those associated with simply hiring more workers, either temporary or permanent.

Customer Complaints

Overworked employees are more likely to make mistakes. Plus, it takes them longer to accomplish the growing list of items on their to-do lists. This can lead to a decline in product and service quality, and dissatisfied customers. By maintaining full staff, you can preserve all your employees and maintain pleased customers who continue to work with your company.

Employee Turnover

Unfortunately, turnover is a common side effect of employees who can no longer handle the daily demands of their jobs. And it’s costly to replace workers, especially those who’ve been with your company for awhile and have valuable industry experience. But you can prevent the high costs associated with employee turnover when you maintain a full and well-rounded staffing mix.

Act Now!

If you’ve noticed one—or even all—the signs of a skeleton crew, it’s time to take action! And it helps to work with a staffing agency. You’ll be able to find and place the right workers much faster than advertising, interviewing and hiring on your own. This means fast aid to an overworked staff and preservation of your employees.

Looking for Top Talent in Atlanta, GA?

Let us help! If you’re looking for new workers in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll collaborate with you to understand your staffing needs and build a staffing strategy that works. To learn more, contact us today!


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