Are You Prepared for This Fall’s Seasonal Hiring Spike?

Fall is one of the best times of the year to search for new hires. Why? With the summer months coming to a close, potential employees are back from their vacations, rested and ready to enter the fourth quarter with a bang. It’s the perfect time to scoop up top talent eager to start something new in preparation for the New Year. So what can you do to prepare for fall’s hiring frenzy? Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies in Augusta, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Four Ways to Manage Your Fall Hiring Spike

There’s still time to get everything in place for your hiring initiatives. Consider the following:

Spice Up Your Internet Presence

When’s the last time you updated your corporate website and social media pages? Make sure all information is current, and switch up your graphics. If you don’t yet have social media pages such as LinkedIn and Facebook, these are easy and fast to get up and running. The more information potential candidates can find about your company, the more likely they’ll be to apply.

Go Mobile

Smartphones and mobile devices rule the working world these days. Many candidates will be looking to apply by mobile access, so it’s important your application process is mobile friendly.

Update Job Descriptions

The same old descriptions won’t necessarily entice top talent. So take the time to refresh the descriptions of your open jobs to ensure accuracy, as well as interest.

Work with a Recruiter

Staffing agencies are experts at what they do and can save you the time and cost associated with finding, hiring and even onboarding new employees. This can be an advantage during the hustle and bustle of fall. Plus, you’ll have a much easier time locating both active and passive candidates by working with an experienced recruiter.

Looking for Top Talent in Augusta, GA?

Let us help! If you’re looking for a new workers in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll help you find the employees you need this fall to round out your workforce. To learn more, contact us today!


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