What Questions Can You Ask a Candidate to Determine Their Reliability?

What qualities make a candidate reliable? Some might say showing up on time everyday. Others might say a reliable candidate is someone you can trust to do the right thing—to protect your brand, complete tasks to the best of their ability, and maintain a solid work ethic. So really, a reliable candidate is one you can depend on to work hard, contribute ideas and accomplish goals—the definition of top talent. When you’re trying to fill open jobs in McDonough GA, follow these key interview questions to help you uncover candidates with reliability written all over them.

Four Essential Interview Questions to Identify Reliable Candidates

Basically, you’re looking for a candidate who is level-headed, honest, loyal and fair. All of these qualities add to his or her reliability. To determine this, ask any or all of the following:

Describe a time when a personal situation impacted your work. How did you handle it?

Without going into too much detail about the situation itself, the candidate should be able to explain how they dealt with a personal issue that cut into their work time. Look for signs of maturity, good communication and strength under pressure.

What is the hardest decision you ever had to make at work?

We’re all faced with tough decisions, especially the higher up we move within a company. The best candidates can be relied upon to review the decision with which they’re being faced, weigh their options, and make a decision that is the best for those involved, as well as the company itself.

How do you handle conflicts with coworkers?

This is the number one question to help you uncover a candidate’s temperament. You want to hire workers you can depend on to keep a level head and remain professional despite conflict.

What happens when you’re not finished with an important task by the end of your workday?

Can you rely upon a candidate to get their work done? The best answer to this question will show a strong work ethic, plus good communication and teamwork to devise a plan to get the task done as soon as possible.

Be thorough to find reliable talent

Your interview questions are an important component in identifying the best candidates, but they’re not the only piece of the hiring puzzle. Background checks and screening are also tried-and-true steps to help you find the best workers in your industry.

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