How Can You Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile so Recruiters Start Contacting YOU for Jobs?

There’s no doubt about it—LinkedIn is the number one source for employers and recruiters come hiring time. And it makes sense: where else can you find key career information about a sea of candidates, right at your fingertips? LinkedIn helps those looking to hire, but it can help you, too. This online database of resumes makes it fast and easy to keep yourself in front of hiring managers in search of someone with your background, skills and qualifications.

How to Create a Superstar LinkedIn Profile

So what can you do to keep your LinkedIn profile enticing to recruiters? Just follow these five tips from one of the top temp Agencies in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group!

Use Keywords in Your Headline

Recruiters typically use keyword searches to find potential candidates on LinkedIn. Be sure the title you list in your headline matches what’s commonly used in your industry. To figure this out, search for jobs similar to yours on a career website, such as What titles do you see? Use one of these in your LinkedIn profile.

Write a Good Summary

Directly following your headline is a section where you can introduce yourself and say what you’re all about. Make this section descriptive and use your summary to help establish your brand. What do you do, why are you good at it, and what are you looking to do in future roles? This is also a good section in which to include keywords.

Keep Your Page Up-to-Date

Have you recently earned a new certification or license, learned a new skill, changed roles at work or won an award? By all means, update your LinkedIn profile! Keep it as current as possible so recruiters know up front about all the great things you’re up to!

Ask for Endorsements

Your profile can also include references from those with whom you work. A smart way to go about asking for endorsements is to stay up to date: have you recently worked with someone who praised you, or completed a project or assignment for someone who loved your work? Without further ado, connect with them on LinkedIn and ask for an endorsement while the positive experience is still fresh in their minds.

Use a Professional Headshot

That selfie you took during your vacation to the beach? Not the best idea for your LinkedIn profile picture. Try to choose a picture that’s as professional as possible. You might even consider having a professional headshot taken to use for your LinkedIn profile.

Want More LinkedIn Tips?

It’s such a valuable resource that it’s a good idea to take the time you need to make your LinkedIn profile great. And the internet is full of tips and tricks to help you do it. In addition to these suggestions, a simple Google search will yield plenty of information for making your LinkedIn profile shine!

Looking for a New Job?

Let Happy Faces Personnel Group help! We place candidates in the ever-growing Atlanta Metropolitan Area. We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and find a new job you love! To learn more, contact us today!



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