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Why is Past Experience the Most Important Part of Your Resume?

Beyond the many different parts of your resume, past work experience is the most important. Why? Because it shows potential employers what makes YOU uniquely qualified for an open job, including Atlanta temp jobs. Your experience is different than that of anyone else and sets you apart from the crowd. So for this reason, you’ll… Read More »

Are You Prepared for This Fall’s Seasonal Hiring Spike?

Fall is one of the best times of the year to search for new hires. Why? With the summer months coming to a close, potential employees are back from their vacations, rested and ready to enter the fourth quarter with a bang. It’s the perfect time to scoop up top talent eager to start something… Read More »

Employees Seem Frustrated? Use These Six Tips to Promote Workplace Positivity

Positive energy in the workplace is good for your employees and your business! An upbeat environment adds to productivity and innovation—because people feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Positivity also adds to wellness, and simply makes work more fun for all involved. Happiness is contagious—so what can you… Read More »

Should You Let Your Employees Listen to Music to Help Them Boost Their Productivity?

What’s your favorite type of music? We all have one—or five. And with today’s technology, MP3 players, satellite radio, computers and online music sites make it easier than ever before to access the tunes you love, anywhere and everywhere. Experts agree that music is an important mood-boosting tool, and it can be helpful in the… Read More »

Three Signs it’s Time for Your Company to Hire More Employees

Your employees keep your business running smoothly. They help you generate the products and services you need to maintain your current customers, as well as win new ones. The day-to-day processes of your company would not be possible without your workers—and as your business grows, you need to maintain a staffing level to match. So… Read More »

Why References are the Most Important Part of Your Resume

Job references are important. In many cases, they can be the last determining factor in whether or not you get a job. Why? Because your job references are a secondary source of information about the real you. Read on to learn more from the leading source of jobs in Stone Mountain, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.… Read More »

Unorthodox Ways to Use the Internet to Find New Job Candidates

The right employees can be hard to find! So when you’re experiencing a staffing shortage or trying to fill hard-to-fill positions, it can help to get a little creative. The internet presents a world of information at your fingertips, and you can take advantage of the Worldwide Web to locate new hires. Just follow these… Read More »

Trust Us… Avoid THESE Phrases During Your Next Interview

Preparing for an upcoming interview? If you’re looking for jobs in Tucker, GA or anywhere else in the country, it helps to practice a few interview skills before your big day. And knowing what NOT to say is almost as important as knowing what TO say. Skip These Seven Phrases in Your Interview Just follow… Read More »

Quick Ways to Make More Time in Your Already Full Schedule

Do you reach the end of the day wondering where the time has gone? When you’re trying to get everything accomplished and feel there are not enough hours in the workday, have no fear. You can complete your tasks more efficiently, thereby opening up pockets of time for other responsibilities you may have. Just follow… Read More »

Heading to Atlanta for a spouse’s job and relocation? Here’s What YOU Should Know Before Applying in Georgia

The booming metropolis of Atlanta has one of the top-rated economies in the country. If you and your spouse are planning on relocation for work, that’s good news! You have your choice of a wide range of employment opportunities in Metropolitan Atlanta. Before you go, it’s important to understand the current economic climate of Atlanta.… Read More »