See Us for Happy Solutions!

What kind of work assignment do you want?  Whether you seek full-time  employment as an IT professional or short-term work as an executive assistant, we are pleased that you have come to us!

Our process for placement begins with you.  As part of our commitment to our job candidates, we will evaluate your background and skill sets and talk with you personally — not just by email – to help us match your personality and profile with our customers’ needs.  Throughout your job-seeking process, we will honor the following pledge:

We pledge to treat you with respect,

to listen, and to provide a fair, timely job-placement process 

in support of your employment goals.

What We Do

Our job is to find a match between qualified job candidates and our customers.  We work hard to evaluate, understand, and support our job candidates’ job preferences and skills.  We work equally hard to understand and meet our customers’ specifications in finding the qualified candidates they need.  After more than 20 years in the job placement field, we view our candidate and client roles with equal importance:  If our candidates are not happy in a job placement, they don’t stay; if our customers are not happy, they do not pay.

Please carefully consider the position for which you are applying and whether or not it meets your needs at this time.  Also note that if you do not meet the key criteria for a position we are filling, you will not likely receive a call for that job.  However, we will work endlessly to create the linkage between you and the opportunities for which your qualifications and profile are a strong match. 

Our commitment to quality linkages means that the standards for our employees are high – but the rewards are as great as you make them.  If you have what it takes to be a Happy Faces employee, let’s get started!   Click to apply today.