Heading to an Interview? Make a Great First Impression

The job market is tough. If you want to land a good job, you’ll need to deliver a solid interview. Begin your interview with a bang by making an exceptional first impression. This will set the stage for you to ace your interview and land that job.

Try the following to make a good first impression during your interview:

  • Dress for Success.
    If you’re wondering what to wear, always opt to dress up for an interview. It shows the interviewer you are taking him and the position seriously. For guys, this means a suit and tie; for women, a pants or skirt suit, or a blouse, with a skirt or dress pants. Wear only simple jewelry and no cologne or fragrance. Consider getting a fresh haircut.
  • Summon the Academy.
    In other words, if you’re not feeling 100 percent cool, calm and collected, act as if you are. Studies show that acting confident may just help convince your brain that you’re actually feeling confident. And confidence can help you deliver a killer interview. Don’t forget to smile and breathe: this can also help.
  • Stand up Straight. Practicing good posture helps you appear confident, enthusiastic and professional. Don’t slouch! Sit up straight and attentive in your chair during the interview.
  • Shake on It. Always shake the hand of the person conducting your interview at the beginning and end of the interview. A firm handshake helps you exude confidence and positive energy. If she doesn’t reach out to shake, extend your hand as an offering.
  • Get Chatty. Never be afraid to chat with the interviewer at the beginning of your interview, before you dive into the question and answer portion. At the conclusion of your interview as you leave the office, keep the conversation going. Ask the interviewer how the rest of his day looks or what his plans are for the weekend. Prove your “game face” is still on.
  • No Cell Phones.
    Turn your phone off or leave it in your bag or car during your interview. Maintain professionalism by waiting until you leave the building to provide an interview recap.
  • Say Thank You.
    At the end of your interview, always thank the hiring manager for his time. Remember to shake hands!

You never get a second chance!
Make your first impression count by preparing for your interview. Stay ahead of the pack by practicing these easy interview tips.

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