Don’t Forget This in Your Follow-Up Email!

You’ve just had a killer interview. You spent time preparing for it and did your best. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Now is the time to follow up with your interviewer, say thank you and express interest in the position. Your kind words and enthusiasm will help you stay top of mind, and may help you land the job! When you write a follow-up email, there are several important things to remember.

Tips for writing—and sending—a perfect follow-up email

  • Know where your email is going. More than likely, you took the business card of the person with whom you interviewed. If not, contact the human resources department and ask for his or her email address.
  • Express gratitude. Always thank the interviewer for his or her time, a comfortable environment, or anything else that put you at ease or helped the interview process run smoothly.
  • Keep it brief, but to the point. Your message should focus on what the interviewer stated he or she was looking for in a new employee. Show that you paid close attention during your interview by describing why you feel you are the best candidate for the job. Include a few specific examples of how you could help the company.
  • State a timeframe for follow up. Close your email by letting the recipient know that if you haven’t heard back from him or her within a certain amount of time (e.g., two weeks), you will follow up. Stick to your follow-up time frame: it shows your dedication to getting the job.
  • Send your email right away. Send your follow-up email within 24 hours of your interview. This will showcase your enthusiasm about the position. If you don’t have time to write a well-thought-out message, send just a brief email: simply thank the interviewer, state you’d like to think more about the position and that you’ll send another message soon.
  • Send a test message first. The from line of your email should show your first and last name, not an abbreviation or nickname. Send yourself a test message to make sure this is the case.
  • Consider sending multiple emails. If you met with more than one person during your interview, send a separate (and unique) follow-up email to each person. Pay attention to the role those other than your interviewer play in the company. If you met coworkers, comment on something you may have talked about, such as, “The projects you described today sounded interesting. I would love working with you in the future.” If you don’t have all the email addresses you need, contact the company’s human resources department.

Let your hard work and dedication show through!
You’ve worked hard to get this far in the hiring process! Put your dedication to work by crafting a winning follow-up email. It will help highlight your commitment to excellence and your drive to succeed.

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