Why You Should Always Return a Recruiter’s Phone Call

Recruiters are on a mission to fill positions with the most appropriate candidates. If a recruiter has found you on a career site, such as Monster or Linked In, he or she may reach out to learn more about you. That’s because passive candidates—those not actively seeking employment—are just as valuable as active candidates. If you get a voice mail message from a recruiter, it’s a good idea to return it! This is true even if you’re currently employed. Here’s why.

Why You Should Return a Recruiter’s Phone Call

  • Your perfect new job may have just found you. You may be happily employed at present—or maybe not. When a recruiter contacts you, it’s because you have the skills, experience or education he or she is looking for to match the job requirements for an open position. How exciting that a promising job prospect may be knocking on your door! This could save you the effort of trying to track one down on your own.
  • You are providing a safety net for your future. You have no way of predicting with 100 percent accuracy what the future may bring. Unfortunately, you could be laid off, your company could fold or you could find at some point that you’re ready for a career shift. If you return a recruiter’s call and he or she describes a job you’re just not interested in, that’s OK. The recruiter has taken the first step in building a professional relationship with you, and you can never have too many business contacts in your corner.
  • You are in hot demand. If a recruiter has sought you out, this means that something about your unique qualifications are in hot demand for an open job position. Translation: if you decide to take the recruiter up on his or her job opportunity, the chance is good you will win the job.

For Best Results…

  • Call back as soon as possible. Let the recruiter know you received his or her message and that you are interested in learning more about the open position. Recruiters are working hard to get clients the staff they need, so the sooner you call back, the better.
  • Make sure your resume and reference list are up to date. The recruiter will no doubt request a copy of your paperwork, even if he or she has already perused it online (if available). Take an evening to review all information contained within your resume and make sure it’s up to date with all your most recent skills, experience and training. Call or email your references to let them know you may be applying for a job, what the job is, and what you’d like them to mention to the recruiter if they’re contacted.
  • Keep it confidential (especially if you’re currently employed). Let the recruiter know this, so you don’t inadvertently jeopardize your current employment. Make sure you have selected references that will help you to maintain secrecy about your potential new job endeavor.

Is your interest piqued yet? Hopefully you are now convinced it’s always a good idea to return a recruiter’s phone call—because who knows what job opportunity may be waiting at the other end of that phone line?

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