Four Common Traits of Employees Who Get Promoted

You may be wondering what you can do to get promoted. If you’re looking to advance in your job, you can take steps to develop the qualities that employers look for when promoting staff. If you have these common traits when an advanced position opens up at your company, it’s much easier to promote from within. That’s because you’ll already be familiar with the company’s mission, vision, policies and culture. But these characteristics can also help you move about within your industry, if you’re looking to move on. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Four traits employers look for in top notch employees

Your “promote-ability” has a lot to do with your attitude—it can speak volumes about your work ethic and commitment to success. And employers want to promote workers who will help improve the productivity of everyone else around them. Do you have the following sought-after qualities?

  1. The best leaders are committed to helping others, rather than themselves. With this dedication to the common good, they actually help advance projects and ideas much further because they take into consideration the input of others. After all, nothing is ever accomplished by just one person—it takes an entire team.
  2. Top talent doesn’t ask why, they ask, “Why not?” They’re upbeat and positive, which can help bring up the energy of those around them. Bad attitudes never help companies move forward—that’s why employers seek out workers who are optimistic.
  3. Forward-thinking. When you’re thinking about the future and the “big picture,” you have a leadership mindset. You think not about what products or processes are now but of what they could be. You’re able to plan ahead and constantly think about what’s next. And this is what employers look for in their leaders.
  4. Businesses are constantly changing. It’s a requirement to keep everything fresh for customers to keep up with competitors. So to be promoted, you’ll need to be flexible and able to quickly and successfully adapt to change.

Develop and Exemplify These Traits

As you work towards your career goals, it’s important to develop the above four qualities in your day-to-day work life. And once you’ve got them securely “under your belt,” it’s always a good idea to keep them on display—in everything you do throughout your work day. Not only will you improve your likeliness of being promoted, you’ll also help make your company a better place to work. And that’s a great accomplishment, in itself.

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