How Can You Hire Smarter (and Faster) in 2017?

Are you looking to increase your staff in the New Year? Your Q4 2016 staffing review may have turned up some gaps you’re looking to fill. If you’re not sure where to begin and you’re not looking forward to the hiring process, don’t worry. You can follow five key strategies to make your candidate search faster and easier.

Five Ways to Find Candidates in 2017

You may need new staff but you’re not sure to begin. There’s no need to drag your feet if you follow these five key hiring tips:

Work with a Recruiter

One of the most efficient ways to find new staff is by reaching out to the experts. Staffing agencies stake their reputation on their ability to find the workers you need as quickly as possible. They have contacts throughout the industry and access to both active and passive candidates. This can greatly help you whether you’re looking for staffing agencies in Tucker, GA or anywhere else in the country.

Be Specific in Your Job Description

Well-written job descriptions are an easy way to automatically control the fit of candidates who apply. To do this, speak to your target audience with keywords and industry terms, and be specific about education, skills and qualifications. The more specific you can be about who you’re looking for, the more targeted your candidate search will become.

Make it Easy for Candidates to Apply

Technology sets the expectation that processes will be simple and straight forward, but also gives us the means to make this possible. If a candidate has to spend too much time clicking and scrolling to apply online for your job openings, they may simply give up. So keep your online application process as quick and easy as possible—for example, answering a few questions, uploading paperwork, submitting, and not much more.

Optimize for Mobile

The world pretty much runs on smartphones and tablets, so you should expect candidates will be searching for jobs using these devices. Your website and online application should be optimized for mobile viewing. If they aren’t, you may wish to work with an IT contractor if you don’t have an in-house IT department.

Be Involved in the Hiring Process

You know what you need—but does your hiring manager? Simply put, someone close to the work you’re hiring for will understand the required qualifications and be able to recognize the right candidate right away. It’s OK to let others set up interviews and conduct call backs, but when it comes to reviewing resumes and handling interviews, that should be you or a manager in the department for which you’re hiring.

Plan for Good Things in 2017

You can find the candidates you’re looking for, but you need a plan. By making a few tweaks, you’ll be able to improve your staffing strategy and save yourself valuable time.

Need Help in Your Candidate Search?

If you’re looking for new hires in 2017, you’re not alone. And if you could use a little help along the way, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group. Located in Tucker, GA, we’ll help you find the right candidates in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. To learn more, contact us today!

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