Identifying a Toxic Working Environment… and How to Improve it ASAP

Ideally, we’d all like to run a supportive, healthy work environment. You know the type—with happy, productive employees; great idea sharing; innovative projects; industry-leading products—the best of the best in the field. The type of company all candidates want to work for.

And then there’s “toxic” work environments—the ones no candidates want to work for. You want to avoid this reputation at all costs, but how do you know if yours has the label of “toxic”? Sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Four Signs Your Workplace May be Toxic

By reviewing these four indicators from a top provider of jobs in Stone Mountain, GA, you can identify what you’re dealing with and take steps to turn things around.

  1. Inconsistent output. When your workplace is uncomfortable, it makes it hard for employees to produce quality work. If you’ve noticed the quality of your products and services suffering, this is a red flag you may need to remedy a workplace that doesn’t support hard work and creativity.
  2. Angry workers. Do your workers whistle while they work? Possibly not—but chronically unhappy employees who argue with you and each other can be an indicator of a less-than-friendly work environment.
  3. Health problems. Toxic workplaces can be stressful, and stress can lead to health problems. If you’ve noticed your workers taking more and more sick days, this may mean it’s time to step in and make some changes to your culture.
  4. High turnover. Employees may attempt to stick it out, but many may decide to simply leave. Frequently departing staff members can be a sign that you need to make changes to your work environment—and fast.

What to Do

So what happens if you’ve noticed one or more of these red flags? You’ll want to introduce changes into your workplace to improve the nature of your culture. Try any of the following:

  • Recognize hard work and accomplishments. Saying thanks is one of the best ways to improve your company culture. Honor hard work through company-wide announcements, prizes, and your personal words of gratitude.
  • Poll the audience. It’s possible issues exist within your company you’re not aware of. Holding an annual employee survey is a perfect way to uncover concerns. Then, take steps to make improvements.
  • Improve communication. This includes adequate training of new employees, and processes that facilitate good communication within and between departments, such as regular meetings, email notifications and intranet posts.

Looking for New Workers?

Sometimes, improving your culture can be a matter of getting the right workers in place. And if you’re looking to staff up in Stone Mountain, GA, as well as within the Atlanta Metropolitan area, contact Happy Faces! To learn more, reach out to one of our experienced recruiters today!




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