Seven Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Recognize Your Employees More Frequently

Recognizing your workers has multiple benefits. First, they understand that you see and appreciate their hard work. Second, it helps them understand the parameters of a job well done and what you expect. And finally, it encourages your staff to keep up the hard work—because good things will come! Just follow these top recognition tips from Happy Faces Personnel Group, one of the leading staffing agencies in Savannah Georgia.

Seven Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Recognizing your workers is important, and doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, there are several very simple things you can do to reward your staff. Consider the following:

Say Thank You

Your kind words of praise will go a long way. So when an employee has worked hard and accomplished something, just approaching them to say “thank you” is a step in the right direction. You might also consider giving them a written thank you card or sending an e-card.

Post Accomplishments for All to See

Though they may seem shy, most people secretly want others to know of their accomplishments. To do this, you can create a bulletin board to brag about company superstars, include information in a corporate newsletter, or post to the intranet.

Issue Certificates

Your words of gratitude in print are a big deal! A printed certificate honoring an employee’s accomplishment is something that can hang in their cubicle or workstation. Then, they will be able to see it each day as a reminder of their successful hard work.

Feed Them

Something as simple as coffee and donuts is an easy way to thank you to your staff. Other food events such as luncheons or pizza parties are also popular with workers, as well as other treats.

Give Incentive Gifts

Money is a perfect way to show your appreciation in the form of a gift card or online reward certificate. You can also give your hard workers company-branded merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, hoodies, etc.

Trust Them to Do Their Jobs

When employees are trusted to complete their responsibilities without being micro-managed, they will likely rise to the challenge. And this can be incredibly encouraging to your staff.

Allow Flexibility

When an employee has proven themselves, you can be more lenient with how they’re allowed to work. For example, letting your staff flex their hours or work from home can go great lengths in showing your thanks while continuing to encourage hard work.

Your Recognition Goes a Long Way

Employees want to be appreciated, and when they understand how to earn your praise, it gives them something to shoot for. Before you know it, you’ll have a productive, positive staff that understands the value of hard work.

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