Four Things to Do When You Get Home from a Career Fair

Job fairs are important networking opportunities. Where else can you meet a variety of hiring managers and learn about companies directly from employee representatives? So when you’ve attended a job fair, had great conversations and met new job contacts, what should you do next? Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies in Augusta GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group!

Important follow-up steps after a career fair

You’ve made an important move towards your next job opportunity. Now, maximize your job fair experience with the following four steps:

Send a Follow-Up Note or Email.

You’ve collected business cards from all the industry professionals you’ve met. For which companies are you interested in working? Reach out to the recruiters and representatives from these companies just as you would after a job interview. Send an email or a thank you card, note it was nice meeting the person, thank them for taking the time to speak with you, and reference something specific about your conversation. Also, note the position you’re interested in and briefly mention why you think you’d be a good fit.

Connect on LinkedIn.

After all, this is where your online resume is housed! Request to connect with any professionals you met during the career fair. This is a great way to keep in touch.

Update Your Resume

Career fairs are a great learning experience, and you may have received resume critiques or discovered skills you want to showcase on your resume. Take the time after the career fair to make updates and keep your resume as up-to-date and polished as possible.

Reflect on Your Experience

What were your takeaways from the career fair? What would you do differently next time, and how would you prepare differently? Make notes of your career fair experience in case you need to make any changes for the next time you attend.

Your Efforts Will Pay Off!

In your career search, it’s your commitment to finding a new job that makes all the difference. Your passion and confidence will shine through as you continue to search for the perfect job for you!

In Search of Your Next Job?

Beyond career fairs, it can also help to work with a recruiter. And if you’re in search of a new job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group! To learn more, visit our job search page or contact our experienced recruiters today!

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