How Long Should You Wait Before You Follow Up with an Interviewer a Second Time?

Follow up is important to stay top-of-mind after an interview. So after your initial thank you email, when should you follow up with your interviewer? The key is to come across as passionate and eager, but not pushy or even desperate. And it’s easy with these tips from an expert in city of Atlanta employment—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Ask this important question

At the end of your interview, ask the interviewer by when they expect to reach a hiring decision. This will give you an idea of how long you should wait to follow up.

Then do this

The truth is, the hiring process usually takes a long time—longer than most employers expect. They might experience delays, busy times within the company or other demands that put hiring temporarily on the back burner. So depending on the answer you get from the interviewer, tack on at least one additional week. Write this date on your calendar.

Send a follow-up email

When the date approaches, check in with a brief follow-up email to the hiring manager. State that you’re interested in the position of XYZ and you’re just wondering if it’s been filled yet. The manager may get back to you and let you know the status, they may let you know it’s been filled, or you may not hear back.

Get back in the game

If you haven’t heard back after your follow up, it’s safe to say the position has been filled. That’s OK! The right job for you is out there. And if you need any help finding your next job, it helps to work with a staffing agency. Recruiters are experts at what they do and can help you find a job that matches with your career aspirations. Since many jobs never hit the job boards, staffing agencies can make it much easier and faster to find your next position.

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