Top Reasons to Return a Recruiter’s Phone Call

If you’re contacted by a recruiter out of the blue, you may be thrown off. After all—maybe you’re perfectly happy with your current job and not looking for something new. However, it’s always a good idea to call a recruiter back. And here’s three reasons why, as recommended by a top provider of jobs in Jonesboro GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Three Reasons to Return a Recruiter’s Phone Call

Is your dream job knocking at your door? You can never be 100 percent certain what news a recruiter has in store for you. Besides the suspense, you should always return a recruiter’s call for the following reasons:

A Better Opportunity

Even if you’re happily employed, sometimes it’s good to do some market research—how do your pay, benefits, culture, etc. stack up to other jobs out there? By returning a recruiter’s call, you can discover if the job you have is your best option, or if there’s something else better suited to the future of your career. This could include better pay and more room for upward mobility at a new job opportunity.

Front Row Access to the “Hidden” Job Market

Not all open jobs are advertised. Jobs that never hit websites for circulation are considered part of the “hidden” job market. Often this is because employers work directly with recruiters to find new hires, rather than post job openings on their own. Imagine what jobs you might find when you call that recruiter back!

Begin a New Professional Relationship

So what happens if you speak with the recruiter and the position isn’t something in which you’d be interested? That’s OK! During the conversation, this recruiter has gotten to know you. It can’t hurt to provide them with a copy of your resume and ask them to contact you when something else pops up. This is a valuable relationship to nurture.

Just Pick up the Phone

It’s worth it to the future of your career to make that phone call. For best results, have a copy of your resume handy and be prepared to discuss your career aspirations. Go for it!

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