How can you get your process-driven employees to think more creatively?

Creativity and innovation set companies ahead of the competition! So if you’ve noticed your employees simply going through the motions day in and day out, they may just need some mental stimulation. You can build a creative company culture and inspire your workforce to “think outside the box” with these five tips from one of the top staffing agencies in Savannah GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group!

Five Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking

Take the ideas at your company from black and white to full color with these five ideas for employee inspiration:

Find New and Different Ways to Brainstorm

The classic whiteboard has its place in a brainstorming session, but the human mind works in abstract ways, too. That’s why team activities that encourage creative thinking—either directly or indirectly related to a topic—can be effective (and fun, too). Alternative brainstorming techniques can be just as fruitful as traditional brainstorming. You might also consider showing employees inspiring videos, or collecting innovative ideas to share that you’ve observed in the world around you.

Reward Implemented Ideas

Incentives and rewards for ideas that are successfully put into place are always welcome by staff. They encourage employees to participate and fully vet ideas in the hope they’ll be chosen.

Maintain a Suggestion Inbox

Not all employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas out loud. So to help these workers come out of their shells, set up an inbox for ideas and suggestions. That way, when someone has an inspiration for how to improve a process or do something differently, they’ll be able to easily submit it for consideration.

Guide the Creative Process

Sometimes it may not be enough to simply present a problem and ask for a creative solution. For example, you could get employees’ wheels turning by offering an idea of your own, and talking them through how you arrived at this idea.

Be a “Yes Person”

One of the easiest ways to stagnate creativity is by poking holes in ideas. Though you must be realistic in terms of budget and resources when it comes to implementing an idea, dreaming is free. And thinking big can lead to innovative new ideas that you can scale back once they’re on paper.

Hire for Creativity

Another way to maintain creativity in your workplace is by hiring open-minded thinkers and maintaining a diverse team. You can uncover creative thinking with strategic interview questions. And if you hire a staff that includes workers from different backgrounds and walks of life, you’ll help to increase the innovation within your business.

Looking to Staff Up?

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