Recapping 2017: A Look at the Best HR Articles from 2017

2017 was a busy year! As it quickly draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on successes and plan for your 2018 goals. And if your plans include staffing up, engaging your current workers or simply upping your management game—we have information about that! Just check out our three top blog posts from 2017 to get ready for a busy, productive New Year.

Check Out Our Top Informational  Posts From This Past Year

Ready or not, 2018 is hurdling towards us! To get ready (or just for a little light reading), take a look at our most popular HR posts as presented by one of the best temp agencies in Marietta, Georgia—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Four Ways to Encourage Hard Work and Productivity

In a perfect world, your workers would show up day in and day out, whistling while they work. But since nothing is perfect, you’ll encounter mood shifts in your staff that threaten to decrease productivity. So what can you do to encourage a positive attitude? Just take a look at the five steps presented in this article.

Four Questions to Ask to Determine a Candidate’s Commitment Level.

Employee turnover is expensive. So if you’re planning to hire new workers in the New Year, you’ll want to take steps to find those who see a long-term future with your company. One opportunity is a thorough interview process—and asking the right questions, as presented in this article.

Three Management Habits That Make You Seem Unapproachable at Work.

One of the keys to being a good manager is presenting a personality your employees look up to. Qualities such as career passion, authenticity and caring are all ways to your employees’ hearts. Of course, there are also qualities that can drive your staff away, into the arms of another employer, and these you’ll want to avoid. But what are they? Just read this article to find out.

Here’s to Your Best Year Yet!

2018 is going to be great, and you’ll be on the road to an exciting and prosperous year, full of success, innovation and motivated workers. Check out our top industry tips as presented in these posts and take a giant step towards a super-charged New Year.

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