Recapping 2017: A Look at the Best Career Growth Articles from the Year

How was your 2017? If you found your dream job and you’re happily employed, congratulations! But if you’re looking to do something a little bit different with your career or just want something new, 2018 is your year to shine. And Happy Faces Personnel Group—a top provider of temp services in Atlanta—can help!

Top Three Job Search Articles from 2017

At Happy Faces Personnel Group, we help you take steps towards an exciting future. So for more information and job search tips, check out our top three most-read articles from this past year:

The Conversations to Have With Your Boss Who Undervalues Forward-Thinking.

Companies that are open-minded, innovative and embrace the future are those that move ahead. If you’ve noticed your company is stagnating and not keeping up with the competition, why not bring your thoughts up to your boss? Forward-thinking employees are valuable, and you could boost your career. So to start the conversation, just try these four topics!

The Secret to Presenting Yourself as Eager but Not Desperate in an Interview.

If you’ve been in the job market for longer than you’d prefer, you may feel ready to jump at any job opportunity that might possibly pan out. However, desperation isn’t a quality employers find favorable, because desperate candidates will take anything, even jobs they don’t want, and add to expensive turnover. An employer doesn’t want to have to replace you in a few months. So to avoid appearing desperate, try these three tips.

How to Start Getting Noticed by More Recruiters on LinkedIn.

One of the most exciting ways to find a new job is when you’re contacted by a recruiter about an open position. Could it be the chance of a lifetime knocking at your door? You never know! So to increase the chances of catching a recruiter’s eye on LinkedIn, spice up your profile with these five enhancements.

2018—Your Best Year Yet!

A New Year is full of possibilities! So take steps to make yours successful. It’s easier when you have a plan, and you can build one using the valuable information in these three posts.

Looking for a Recruiter?

If you’re in search of a new job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Happy Faces Personnel Group is looking for you! We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and help you find a new job you love. To learn more, contact us today to speak with an experienced recruiter!


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