A Look at the Most Common Mistakes New Managers Make

If you’re new to a management role, you want to do your best. Still, it takes time and experience to excel as a manager. Plus, it helps to learn from those who have gone before you. You can help yourself to avoid common new manager pitfalls with these tips from a leader of temp services in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Avoid These Five Manager Mistakes

No one is perfect. As you get settled into your role as a manager, you will undoubtedly stumble a bit—it happens to everyone. But you can help ease your way through this transition by avoiding the following common mistakes:

Being Afraid to Show You’re Human

You’re not a machine, you’re a manager. And especially as a new one, your employees know you’re not perfect and that you don’t know everything. It’s acceptable to admit you’re learning as you go, but doing your best—your employees will respect your honesty.

Forgetting to Deal with Problem Employees

If you ignore them, they unfortunately will not go away, but will make life harder for your star performers. It’s uncomfortable but necessary to pull troublemakers aside, ask what’s wrong and form a plan together for how to improve the situation.

Not Taking Time to Get to Know Your Staff

You can manage people better when you understand them. So make time to talk to your workers. Say good morning, catch up during the week and drop them a line regularly to follow up on their projects and work life.

Changing Everything from the Past Manager

It’s a mistake to assume everything that was accomplished before is wrong. Just the opposite—your staff probably worked on or even developed many processes currently in place. They will take offense to your harsh judgment. Instead, ask your employees what they think is working and what could change to make things better.

Getting too Bossy

Your employees know you’re the one who’s now in charge—you don’t need to prove it by lording over your staff. Simply introduce yourself, start getting to know everyone and taking steps to understand the work being done.

Looking for a New Management Job?

If you’re currently in management, or if you’re looking to advance, a staffing agency is a big help! And if you’re looking for a new job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group! We’ll work with you to find a position you love. To learn more, reach out today to speak with an experienced recruiter.


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