The Importance of Continued Employee Safety Precautions in the Workplace

Encouraging workplace safety is critical to your business. First, it helps prevent incidents when workers know how to properly handle and maintain all tools and equipment. Second, it helps you avoid turnover and legal liability. And third, if your business requires any inspections and certifications, safety precautions help you maintain them.

Five Ways to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Just follow these tips from a leader of temp services in Atlanta GA–Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Identify All Safety Hazards

This includes machinery, tools, ergonomics, chemicals, fire evacuation, live shooter training and more. When you know all the risks your employees face, you can take steps to train them for safety. Your business is likely governed by specific laws and regulations, and these can also help guide you.

Develop Safety Policies and Procedures

It helps to maintain a safety manual that outlines safe handling of all potentially dangerous tools, substances and workflow patterns in your workplace. Your procedures should include the proper way to handle dangerous items, what to do in case of emergencies, and a training schedule.

Hold Regular In-Services

Once employees are trained on safety procedures, keep them up to date with regular refresher trainings. These could be every six months to a year, depending on the nature of your business.

Practice What You Preach

Your employees are more likely to stick to safety practices when they see you doing the same. So reinforce trainings by doing what you tell your workers to do.

Have Staff Keep their Eyes and Ears Open

Since you can’t be out on the floor all the time, it’s important for workers to look out for each other and speak up if they see something that could be dangerous. Supervisors and managers should always be alert to safety hazards, and all your staff needs to work together to keep each other safe.

Address Safety Concerns Right Away

In some cases, this can mean the difference between life and death. If an employees is putting themselves or others in danger, take steps right away to correct the situation.

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