Spring Cleaning Your Hiring Process: How to Simplify Without Losing Quality

Spring is in the air! All around you are the sights and sounds of life renewed after a long winter. Just as the trees, flowers and plants are refreshing themselves for a new season, you, too can breathe new life into your hiring process. Just follow these tips from Happy Faces Personnel Group—one of the top temp agencies in Marietta GA.

Four Ways to Freshen Up Your Process for Hiring

This season, take a look at the steps involved in your talent sourcing, and consider the following:

Clean Up Job Descriptions

You can begin your hiring process with a bang when your job descriptions are clear and straightforward. Describe exactly the candidate who is the best fit for the job, and be specific about qualifications. This can help you reduce the number of applications you get from candidates who aren’t completely qualified, which means less for you to review.

Offer an Easy Application Process

If your application process is clunky, candidates may get frustrated and not even bother. Since the world is highly digitized, it helps to offer an easy-to-use online application that can be accessed by computer or mobile device and has minimal steps. You might also consider working with a recruiter to handle the application process for you—quickly and easily.

Streamline Your Hiring Cycle

If it’s been taking your company months to bring new hires on board, review your hiring process from beginning to end. Where are you experiencing hold-ups? Talk to staff involved and get their thoughts and ideas. Where can you reduce bottlenecking or bring in recruiter assistance to move the process along more quickly?

Practice Good Communication

Candidates dread silence. You can prevent frenzied calls and emails by simply keeping them in the loop on the process. Touch base to let them know how the process is moving along—of course, if you want to extend a job offer, but also if you’ve decided to go with another candidate. Each candidate worked hard preparing for the interview, and it’s common courtesy to let them know where they stand.

Looking for Staffing Support?

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group! We work with clients in Atlanta and surrounding areas to understand your staffing needs and help you find qualified candidates best-matched to your needs. To learn more, contact us today!


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