The Top Reasons All Employees Should Set Up a LinkedIn Profile…and Actively Manage It

Technology makes the world go ‘round! And social media is a driving force behind how we keep in touch with each other—and even how we find new jobs. LinkedIn is the number one social media site with employers and recruiters, and a popular way to be discovered.

Five Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Career Advancement

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn page, you should take time to set one up. And if you’re not convinced, check out these five reasons from one of the top temp agencies in Atlanta, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

It’s a Popular Way to be Discovered

Many hiring managers, employers, and recruiters rely on LinkedIn as the primary source for finding new talent. It’s easy to navigate and free for users to set up a profile—so this helps expand the pool of available candidates.

Your Profile Advertises Your Qualifications

You can include endless amounts of information in your LinkedIn profile, which is easily accessible to the entire world by simply logging into the site. This makes it simple for hiring managers, recruiters and employers to learn all about you and your job qualifications.

You Can Build Your Personal Brand

Your objective statement, headshot, and word choices all add to your personal brand. This helps a hiring manager determine if you’d be a good fit for a company’s culture.

LinkedIn Displays in Google Searches

If you’ve recently applied for a job, you’re going to be Googled—it’s inevitable. Having a strong LinkedIn profile is important because this appears at the top of Google searches.

You Can Showcase Reviews and Recommendations

A key feature of LinkedIn is the opportunity to request reviews from your colleagues to populate on your page. This allows you to show what others think of your job skills.

It’s Easy to Set Up

You can easily set up your LinkedIn profile by registering for an account, copying content from your current resume, and adding a headshot. You may choose to get a professional photo taken, but LinkedIn also offers filters that can make almost any picture look top notch.

Looking for a Recruiter?

In your job search, a recruiter is a valuable partner. And if you feel you need guidance, just contact Happy Faces Personnel Group. We work with candidates for positions in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and we’re looking for you. To learn more and take the next step towards the future of your career, contact us today!



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