How to Maximize Relationships with Coworkers During Your Temporary Placement

It’s tough being the new hire! It can be lonely, which is why there’s value in getting to know your coworkers as quickly as you can. Having others to chat with makes your work life more enjoyable and gives you an extra support network for when you have questions. Plus, a web of new contacts may help when you decide you’d like something more permanent.

Seven ways to befriend your coworkers

You can get to know your fellow employees better with these techniques, as recommended by a top provider of temp jobs in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

  1. Make small talk. Say good morning or hello to the people around you and ask how their weekend was. Listen for things you might have in common. Don’t be overbearing, but simply polite and friendly.
  2. Be a good listener. When talking with a coworker, practice the art of listening. You’ll quickly learn about the person, their life and what they’re interested in. You’d be surprised how many people have conversations without listening—so break the curve and tune in!
  3. Don’t gossip. This is the quickest way to label yourself as a negative person. It’s more fun to be around someone who’s positive, so check a bad attitude at the door, smile and be the best version of you!
  4. Go with company culture. If your coworkers grab a drink at Friday happy hour or get coffee during lunch break, ask if you can tag along. This is a great way to start fitting in and making friends.
  5. Make plans. It can’t hurt to ask a coworker if they’d like to go grab some lunch or coffee. Your enthusiasm just might be contagious.
  6. Give compliments. Don’t go overboard, but if the moment calls for it, a compliment can be a good ice breaker.
  7. Be grateful. If someone has helped you, always say thank you.

Chat with people outside your department.

It can never hurt to get to know as many people as you can during your temp placement. You never know when a position could open up in another department and networking can be a great career booster.

Looking for you next temp assignment?

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