Take Advantage of Mobile Media to Reach a New Generation of Job Seekers

In a world of social media and constantly evolving technology, job seekers frequently rely on mobile devices. You can tap into this technology and make it easier to attract candidates to your job opportunities by making your job application process tech-friendly.

Four Ways to be Mobile Friendly

To remain competitive and continue to attract the best and brightest, follow these mobile optimization tips from a top provider of temp services in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Be More than Viewable

Allowing your website and application process to be viewable on a mobile device is a good start. Even better is offering an entire experience for mobile users. This means the look and functionality of your website and job application is optimized for mobile, and different when viewed from a mobile device versus from a computer.

Ensure the Application Process is Simple

Applying to a job from a mobile device means someone is likely on the run, not seated comfortably at home at their desk. So a fast and easy application process will make it more likely for a candidate to apply, rather than give up and look for another opportunity.

Interview Remotely

You can greatly increase your candidate pool by hiring outside your immediate geographic area. To do this, you may need to allow video interviews. This way, candidates a few states away can be interviewed without the need for travel. Mobile technology offers built-in applications, such as FaceTime and Skype. These don’t require the purchase of a computer webcam and makes video interviewing much easier.

Reach out Through Social Media

“Apps” allow mobile users to easily access social media sites, such as LinkedIn. By contacting potential candidates through social media, you’ll greatly increase the chance they will see and respond to your message.

Outsource to Expand

If you want to be more mobile-savvy, but don’t have the in-house resources, consider outsourcing these enhancements to a marketing vendor. By leaving your upgrades in the hands of the professionals, you can be sure they’ll be ready to go in no time.

Looking to Staff Up?

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group! We work with employers in the Atlanta area and beyond to find and place qualified candidates. To learn more, contact us today to speak with an experienced recruiter!


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