How to give your employees the work benefits they really want

Benefits add to the quality of your work environment. When your staff feels they’re being taken care of, they will be more satisfied and productive, plus more likely to stick around for the long-term. The types of benefits you offer your employees add to their comfort level, boost their well-being and help them maintain good health. Just follow these tips from a top provider of jobs in Swainsboro GA–Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Ten Benefits to Offer Your Workers

In general, you should offer benefits that help your employees impact their physical, mental and financial health, plus make your company a great place to work. These include:

  1. Medical coverage and preventive care. Your workers need benefits to help them stay healthy, such as well adult and well child exams, and immunizations. They also need care for when they’re sick. Offering this, at a reasonable cost, helps your workforce stay healthy and happy.
  2. Dental and vision coverage. An add-on to many medical plans, dental, and vision care is also essential to good health. Proper dental care and healthy vision impact both physical health and quality of life.
  3. Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Many employers are now opting to offer free counseling and support services in case employees need guidance during tough times. This could be in response to a natural disaster or upsetting national event, or just, in general, to help employees handle stress, grief, and loss.
  4. Wellness program. A popular way to encourage good health, wellness programs typically include components that help employees make positive changes in their health. These can include gym membership reimbursement, smoking cessation, and weight management programs.
  5. Flexible work scheduling. Being held to a strict schedule can make it difficult for your workers to fit in life’s demands. But by allowing flexible scheduling, your workers can easily accommodate medical appointments and family commitments.
  6. Adequate vacation/sick/holiday time. Time off is important for good health, stress relief and job satisfaction. That’s why paid sick, holiday and vacation time is critical to any benefits package.
  7. 401(k) and retirement planning. Money is one of the top concerns many adults have. And good financial health adds to the quality of life. It’s valuable to employees to provide financial guidance and 401(k) accounts to help them plan for the future.
  8. Reasonable dress code. Consider who your staff will be interacting with throughout the workday. If clients won’t be in the building, it’s a nice perk to allow a relaxed dress code.
  9. Competitive pay. This is critical to stay competitive and keep top talent on your payroll. If you’re not sure what the market is currently offering, check sites such as the Bureau or Labor Statistics or Glassdoor. You can also work with your recruiter.
  10. Life insurance and disability coverage. To add to peace of mind and help employees provide for covered dependents, life insurance and disability are invaluable—especially if your workforce includes middle-aged and older workers.

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