Don’t hide your social media profiles during your job search, use them to your advantage

Social media is one of the top ways to be discovered by recruiters and hiring managers. In fact, your LinkedIn profile tops the Google search when someone is looking for you. Social media is a free, easy way to be noticed within your industry as a viable candidate for job opportunities. And the best way to leverage this technology is by keeping your social media profiles professional and related to your career. You can also follow these four tips from one of the top staffing agencies in Savannah GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Four ways to use your profiles to your advantage

You can establish yourself as an experienced professional in your field and catch the eye of recruiters with the following tips:

Connect with Others in Your Industry

Network, network, network. Your social media connections allow you to communicate with colleagues, but also get closer to the contact lists of your connections—and pop up in other people’s social media feeds. This will make it more likely for recruiters to find your profile.

Search for Jobs

It may go without saying, but social media is a forum where companies and staffing agencies post jobs. In fact, LinkedIn has an entire app dedicated just to job searches. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can visit the pages of companies in your industry and see if they’ve posted any openings.

Stay Active

Keep your profile up to date and log in to the site regularly to post, interact and update. The more recruiters and hiring managers see your name pop up, the more likely your profile will be viewed.

Be a Subject Matter Expert

You have the opportunity on social media to join discussions and answer questions related to your career path. On LinkedIn, you can also share articles or write and post your own. In this way, you’re not just digesting information, you’re also providing it—and this is an attractive quality in a highly qualified candidate.

You Get Out of it What You Put Into It

Like anything else, social media works best for those who work with it. So the more you stay active and keep up with trends and developments on social media sites, the more value you will gain from your social media profiles.

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