Build your ideal elevator pitch to sell yourself as a candidate

An elevator pitch is a short snippet of conversation you can use to introduce yourself when you meet new people. In general, it’s used when networking and should give someone a well-rounded idea about who you are and what you do. And it should be short—something you can rattle off while waiting for the next floor in an elevator.

What to include in an elevator pitch

If you’re a temp in Atlanta or anywhere else, you can create a perfect elevator pitch using these tips:

  • First, think about your goal. As you’re getting ready to write your pitch, think about the point you want to get across to your listener. When they take their leave, what do you want a person to remember about you?
  • Explain what you do. In a nutshell, what do you do at your company? It’s important to focus on the key skills you provide and how you help your company succeed. If you can squeeze in numbers or a specific example of success, include it.
  • Say what makes you unique. Each of us provides a unique gift to our workplace—what’s yours? Are you a top sales person, the creator of an idea that saved the company millions, or something else you can claim as your contribution? Include this in your pitch.
  • Keep it brief. Once you have all your ideas down, put them together in a brief way that summarizes everything while getting your point across. Remember—your elevator pitch should be 20–30 seconds tops.

Practice makes perfect!

Practice your speech so you can comfortably give in at a moment’s notice. You might choose to repeat your speech in front of the bathroom mirror or with a friend or family member. Ask for feedback—what do they remember about what you said? You never know when you’ll find yourself face to face with a key member of a company you’ve been wanting to work for, so your preparation will pay off!

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