Finding the Best Potential Employees in the Passive Candidate Pool

Often, the best candidates are those not actively looking for employment. These passive candidates are loyal, happily employed and love what they do. Still, you may be able to lure them away with the offer of something they can’t refuse.

Five Ways to Source Passive Candidates

So if they’re not out looking for you—how do you find passive candidates? Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies in Marietta GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Search on LinkedIn

A large portion of the working world is on LinkedIn—those currently looking for a new job, as well as those happily employed. You can search for keywords or titles to find a list of possible candidates. The great part about LinkedIn is you can read all about a client’s talents and past experience before ever reaching out about a potential job. This will help you narrow your search down to candidates who may be excited by the opportunity, based on their career path and interests. Then you can reach out directly through email right from LinkedIn.

Offer a Bonus for Employee Referrals

The opportunity to earn a little more money can be enticing to your current employees, and they may know a perfect candidate. Position your referral program not in terms of “Do you know anyone currently looking for work?” but rather, “Do you know anyone who would be perfect for this open job?” In this way, you can help to automatically narrow your selections.

Talk to People and Network

Networking doesn’t just have to happen at job fairs, conferences and seminars. It can happen anywhere—at a coffee shop, on the subway, or while waiting in line at a convenience store. If you’re good at finding common ground and talking to people about what you do, you can ferret out leads on potential new employees.

Advertise through Facebook

The world runs on social media! And if you set up a Facebook page for your business, you can run ads targeted to a specific demographic. These ads will populate on the pages of your target market and—if well-written and eye-catching—could capture the attention of a passive candidate.

Work with a Recruiter

Staffing agencies have access to databases of candidates, plus are experts at sourcing potential employees to match your job requirements. Recruiters can help you find candidates faster and more easily than searching on your own.

Looking for Candidates in the Marietta, GA area?

In Marietta, GA and the surrounding Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Happy Faces Personnel Group is your top staffing choice! We’ll work with you to understand your hiring needs and find the best-matched candidates. To learn more, contact us today!


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