What advice can you give a friend who just lost their job?

If you’ve ever lost a job, you know how difficult it can be. You may feel betrayed or like you’re failing at life. So if you hear that a friend has recently be fired or laid off, it helps to know what to say to help them through their situation. Just consider this advice from a top provider of Fulton County jobs—Happy Faces Personnel Group

Lend an Ear or Shoulder

The best thing you can do is simply be there to offer your friend support. Tell them you’re sorry this has happened and ask if they want to talk about it. They may not, preferring to talk about anything else to get i t out of their mind. But if they do, simply listen. Let them get their thoughts and fears off their chest. If you have experienced losing a job, your similar stories may help them feel they are not alone.

Ask How You Can Help

Depending on your friend’s personality, they may do best with your openness to simply listen—or they may appreciate your advice. If you’ve experienced a firing or layoff, you could describe what you did to feel better and get back into the working world. What steps did you take and what was your timeline? The secrets of your success may be helpful.

Offer to Spend Time with Them

Since work takes up a large portion of the day, a person who has recently lost their job may feel suddenly cut off from others or even isolated. Spending time with that person (unless they just feel like being alone for a while) can make a big difference in their outlook and attitude.

Encourage them to Learn from the Experience

Everything in life, especially with our careers, can be a learning experience if we let it. When you feel your friend is ready to talk about the situation, ask if they’ve considered it from a constructive point of view. For example, maybe the job just wasn’t for them and there’s something out there better suited to their long-term goals? Maybe it would help to be introspective and dream big about what they want to do next. Returning to school or taking a course is always an option, and so is trying something in a different role or even field.

Always be positive and supportive with your advice. Let your friend know you believe in them and that the sky’s the limit in terms of what will come next!

A Recruiter can Help

When your friend is ready to begin hunting for a new job, they may wish to consider working with a recruiter. Staffing agencies have access to both active and passive job opportunities and help qualified candidates find a job much easier than going it alone.

Let Happy Faces Personnel Group Help!

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