With unemployment hovering around 3.5 percent in Atlanta, how can you find qualified individuals?

The right candidates are key to helping your business run smoothly. Plus, talented employees can help you get ahead through creativity, innovation and sheer talent. When you’re dealing with unemployment, it can make it harder to find qualified candidates with everyone wanting to jump at job opportunities. You don’t need A candidate—you need THE candidate, with the qualifications and experience to back themselves up. Plus, to decrease your hiring time, you want to be able to narrow down your options to get a new, high-caliber worker in place as soon as you can.

Five Ways to Find Qualified Talent in Atlanta

Just check out these top industry tips from one of the best staffing Agencies in Savannah GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Write specific job descriptions.

This is one of the easiest ways to automatically narrow your candidate search. Write detailed job descriptions that outline exactly the person you’re looking for to fill an open role. List all key qualifications and even describe your company culture.

Hire internally.

Your own employees are already familiar with your business, its history and what it’s all about. So moving or promoting one of your own can make it much easier to be sure you have a candidate who knows their stuff—you’re already familiar with what they can do! Plus, internal advancement is incredibly motivating to your staff, proving that hard work pays off.

Offer incentives for employee referrals.

Good, hard-working staff may know others of the same caliber. An incentive program for referrals is a great way to involve your own workers in the hiring process, find both active and passive candidates, and fill opportunities with qualified candidates.

Get social on Facebook and Twitter.

Interacting with potential candidates is a great way to get to know them a little before an interview. On social media, you can post job openings, message candidates and start the conversation before they even enter the interviewing and hiring process.

Work with a staffing agency.

A recruiter will work with you to understand the type of candidate you seek, then recommend top choices for the job. By letting a recruiter take the reins, you can save yourself time and frustration—and leave the candidate search to the experts!

Know Who You’re Looking For

This is the first step in finding the qualified candidates your business needs. Take a little time to review open job opportunities and gather an idea of the perfect person for the job. The more information you can supply to job seekers, the easier it will be to find top talent for your business.

In Search of Candidates in the Atlanta Area?

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