Improve Your Daily Happiness by Starting With These Morning Habits

The way you begin your morning sets the tone for your entire day. What you do in your waking hours can make the difference between a good day, full of possibility… and a day where you feel grumpy and upset. So, what can you do to help ensure smiles, laughter and a sunny outlook the whole day through? Take a look at these tips from a leading provider of  Jobs in Eatonton GA, Happy Faces Personnel Group!

Ten Morning Power Habits to Energize Your Day

You can never predict traffic, difficult people and other daily setbacks. But you can set yourself up to better-handle these things when you start your day off right. Choose any of the following:

  1. Don’t hit snooze. Though it may feel decadent, relying on the snooze button to help you wake up will just set you behind before you even get out of bed. This is a recipe for rushing, which leads to stress and anxiety. Instead, plan to get up with your first alarm.
  2. Ask yourself empowering questions. You can start your day in the right mindset by filling your head with happy thoughts. Do this by asking yourself any of the following questions:
    • What can I look forward to today?
    • What is awesome in my life right now?
    • What good things could happen today?
  3. Simply be grateful. You surely have at least a few things in your life for which to be thankful. Every morning, call to mind a list of all your blessings and let it bring a smile to your face!
  4. Refrain from TV or email. Brushing up on current events or work/personal demands first thing is usually not a good idea. It could cause you to become overwhelmed before you’re emotionally ready to handle life’s dailly events. Instead, let yourself wake up and greet the day before you tune in.
  5. Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast gives you the energy you’ll need to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Good breakfast choices consist of fiber and lean protein, such as wheat toast with peanut butter, an omelet with veggies, or yogurt and high-fiber cereal. If you’re not a breakfast eater, grab something light, like a granola bar.
  6. Hyrdate. Adequate fluid will help you stay energized and avoid a mid-morning slump. Try water, and bring a water bottle with you to sip during the day. And yes, a small cup of Joe (6-8 ounces) can also give you the zing you need to get through the morning.
  7. Listen to music. As you get ready, you can boost your mood by listening to your favorite band or station. The more uplifting, the better.
  8. Prepare your mindset. Tell yourself that today you will keep an open mind. Preparing for the day will help you to be ready for absolutely anything. It will also help you accept situations for what they are, not what you’d prefer them to be.
  9. Plan to be present in every moment. Sometimes you may feel like a passenger in your own life, simply watching the day pass by. But there are so many wonderful things to take in that you may be overlooking. Allow yourself to listen and fully engage in conversations, pause and taste the food you’re eating or the coffee you’re drinking, and watch the world around you during your morning commute.
  10. Dream! Never forget what you’re working towards. And if you’re not sure—choose something new. Dreams are a big motivating force in your day!

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