Why you should consider adding group volunteer work to your resume when applying in Atlanta

In the search for your dream job, interviewing stronger than your competition is critical. So what can you do to help yourself come out heads-and-shoulders above the rest? Check out this tip from one of the leading Temp Agencies in Atlanta GA.

Include Your Volunteer Work

Volunteerism tops the list as one of the number one ways you can differentiate yourself to hiring managers. Of course, it’s shallow to only volunteer in order to look good for your next job. But if there’s a cause you’re passionate about and you’ve already volunteered your time and skills helping those less fortunate than yourself, always include this as a point on your resume.

Why Volunteer Work is a Good Thing

More than ever before, companies want to build a strong, supportive and meaningful company culture. Gone are the days of skilled and experienced workers with no causes to believe in. As employees, we’re not machines—and strength of character is important to illustrate compassion and empathy, two soft skills that add to the positive vibe of a company, plus lend themselves to excellent teamwork and customer service.

How to Include Volunteer Work on Your Resume

So if you’ve spent time walking dogs at a local animal shelter, or serving up food at a soup kitchen, for example, how do you list your volunteer experiences on your resume?

  • Include it in your employment history section. If volunteer experience is related to the job to which you’ve applied, you can list specific volunteer roles just like you’d list a paid job. Include the role you had, how you contributed and what you accomplished.
  • Create an Unrelated Volunteer Experience section. If your charity work is NOT related to the job, you can always include it in its own section.
  • Don’t make it a focus of your cover letter or interview. It certainly adds to the big picture of what makes you unique. But an interviewer will bring it up to discuss if he or she believes it relates to the postion to which you’ve applied. In general, it’s a good idea to let the interviewer guide the conversation so they capture all the details they’re looking for.
  • Don’t include parent-related activities. Groups such as a Parent Teachers Association (PTA) don’t fall into the realm of volunteer work, though if you’ve volunteered as a scout leader, that might. Include volunteer work that shows you went the extra mile in addition to what you would typically consider normal weekly activities that are expected of you.

It Pays to be Kind!

Your kindness and charity are what make you a contributing member of society, helping to make the world a better place. Employers are looking for folks like this to add to the strength of their workforce.

Looking for Your Next Job?

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