What to Do When You’re Offered a Job You Aren’t Sure You Want

Interviews are educational for both the employer and for you. During this critical question-and-answer period, an interviewer takes time to learn if you’d be a good fit for a position—and you gather information to see if the job is something you definitely want. After all, taking a new job can be stressful. You need to adjust to a new company, new rules, a new commute and maybe even a new city if you need to relocate. So you want to be sure that before you say yes, the new job is going to be a good fit.

What happens if you’ve gone to an interview and landed the job, only to realize you’re not sure it’s right for you? Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies in Atlanta, GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

First and Foremost: Don’t Accept a Position You Don’t Want

Let’s say you feel awkward saying no to the job offer, so you say yes. But what happens if you take the job and then feel lukewarm, or worse yet—don’t like it? You’ll be unhappily employed and looking for a new job soon enough. That’s hard on both you and your employer.

Take the Time You Need to Make the Right Choice

If you’re on the fence or facing multiple job offers, you want to choose wisely. You don’t need to say yes right away. You don’t want to be insulting, so it’s key to carefully word your request for time to consider. Follow these steps:

Thank the Employer for the Opportunity

Be as positive and courteous as you can for their time and consideration.

Say You Want to Carefully Consider Before You Accept

Short and sweet, this is a reasonable and smart response.

Ask About a Deadline

How much time does the employer need as you consider what to do next? By when do they need your response?

Ask Further Questions

If you’ve been contacted by email, asking additional questions about the job may buy you a little time as you wait for the reply. Questions could be about salary, benefits compensation, relocation coverage, start date, etc.

Think About What You Need

As you consider the offer, think about what would make your answer a resounding yes. If it has to do with compensation, prepare to negotiate. If it has to do with the job itself, you may be best to decline.

If You Decide to Decline

Don’t burn bridges. Always be polite and thank the employer for their offer. Simply say you’ve decided the position isn’t the right choice for you at this time. Don’t delay your response—always get back to the employer as soon as you know you’re ready to decline.

Looking for Your Perfect Job?

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