Best Ways to Beat Those Winter Blues

Not feeling quite like yourself this season? The wintertime can be a downer for many, complete with limited daylight and cooler temperatures. Even if you live in a warm climate, you may simply feel down because the lively activity associated with the holidays has come to an end. Regardless of your reasoning, you’re not alone:  the “winter blues” are actually a diagnosed condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Five Ways to Perk Up During the Winter Months

If you’re feeling sadder than usual, you may not be imagining it—but you can take steps to boost your spirits on the way to warmer weather and longer days. Try any of the following tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Savannah GA: Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Brighten Your Day

Opening the curtains to let daylight in can help. You can also purchase a light box to provide artificial light for your environment. And if the sun does peek its head from behind the clouds—by all means, take full advantage by stepping outside for a bit!

Eat Well

Post-holidays, you may be carrying a sugar hangover due to sweet indulgences. But did you know that too much sugar can increase feelings of depression and anxiety? Take simple steps to improve your diet with more fresh fruit and veggies, plus plenty of water in place of soft drinks.

Get Moving

If you tacked on a few extra pounds during your holiday revelry, it may be impacting your self-esteem. Boost your mood and energy level by getting active, and don’t let the cold weather stop you. Join a gym and try some classes or get outside for some fun in the snow—like skiing, snowboarding or sledding. You can also download fitness apps or visit workout websites to get moving in your own home.

Plan a Vacation

Something to look forward to is a natural motivator. Just getting away for a long weekend can be enough to make you smile, so plan a trip to somewhere warmer during the blustery winter months.

Hang Out

Call, Facetime or Skype with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a bit, or make plans to meet up for coffee, lunch or a shopping date. Having things to do and getting social can brighten your day.

Reach Out if You Need Help

If your mood isn’t clearing up, you can always discuss your feelings with your doctor. He or she can recommend steps to help you feel more like you again!

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