Is Your Company’s Online Presence Preventing You From Landing Better Candidates?

What is the first thing a candidate does when conducting a job search? Visits your website! They may have even learned of the job opening through your social media pages, like LinkedIn and Facebook. As you can imagine, your online presence is important to the caliber of candidates you’re able to attract. Why? A leading provider of jobs in Eatonton GA, Happy Faces Personnel Group, explains how your digital efforts can make or break your job hire success.

Brand Recognition and Credibility

Your brand is the public face of your company and affects your reputation. Your web presence should adequately reflect your brand—it should be easy to determine what you’re all about with a quick visit to your website or social media pages. An outdated site or lack of participation in social media gives candidates the impression you aren’t relevant—and if this is the case, it’s time to make online upgrades.

Don’t Just Jump In

Before making enhancements to your website and social media, first build a strategy. What design elements should your site incorporate? What is your mission and vision, and how will your web content represent this? What specifically needs to be improved on your social media pages? Careful and strategic planning will help you save time and money.

Pay Attention to Web Design

Your website should be easy to navigate—site visitors will abandon your page (and won’t consider you as a potential employer) if they can’t quickly and easily find what they need. You should provide the ability to apply online, and your site and application process should be mobile-friendly. In addition, potential applicants should be able to find contact information—don’t bury this deep within your site.

Use Social Media to Drive Web Traffic

Since social media is more active than the static content on your website, use it to interact with potential candidates. Then, recommend that for more information and to apply, visit your website. This is important because you’re able to handle 100 percent of the experience on your site, and that’s not necessarily the case with social media. Still—both vehicles are important.

Need Resources?

When planning to upgrade your web presence, you’ll need to evaluate your resources. Do you have employees in-house, or do you need to hire help (or outsource)? Finding the right support is key to improving your digital reputation.

Find Candidates in Atlanta, GA

If you’re in search of job candidates in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Happy Faces Personnel Group can help. Just give us a call! We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and help you find the candidates who fit.


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