How to Avoid Burning Out During Your Job Hunt

It’s no secret—searching for a new job is a full-time job in itself! Just think about it. You need to prepare your resume and cover letter for each position to which you apply. You need to scour the internet for open positions, plus network with others in your industry to learn about openings, or meet with recruiters. Then, you need to prep your interview skills by reviewing questions and answers to get ready for the big day.

Altogether, your job search can be exhausting, especially if it takes you longer than expected to find possible openings. So what can you do to avoid job-hunt burnout? Just follow these tips if you’re a temp in Atlanta, and beyond:

Get Into the Right Frame of Mind

In most cases, finding a new job won’t happen overnight. It will take a bit to search for the right positions, apply and go on interviews and land a job that’s right for you. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself with the expectation it will happen quickly.

Use Templates

Yes—you should write a customized cover letter for each position. But you don’t need to start from scratch! Instead, build a cover letter template that includes a rough outline of what you’d like to say, then fill in the blanks when it’s time to apply. This will help move the process along much easier, especially on days when you have writer’s block.

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the number one resources employers, hiring managers and recruiters use to find potential candidates. So if you don’t currently have a LinkedIn profile, set one up right away. Rather than having to search fully on your own for a new job, a potential employer may contact you. Plus, your profile will be around in case any perfect-for-you jobs pop up in the future—and you never know when you’ll be ready for a change.

Try Temp Positions

Rather than waiting for your phone to ring, why not boost your resume with temp work? You can learn more about yourself and your career aspirations by trying new things, and you can add to your job experience and skills. And don’t forget, you’ll get paid as a temp, which can take the edge off when you’re in search of new, full-time work.


Giving back to the community gives you a feeling of well-being, which can be a pick-me-up if you’re starting to feel down in search of a new job. It can also help boost your confidence, communication and other soft skills, which can help when it’s time to start your new job.

Take Breaks

No one can work around the clock. Always remember to step away from the computer and take breaks to do something you enjoy. You’ll return to your search refreshed, with renewed energy to keep at it.

Looking for a Recruiter?

In your job search, a recruiter is a valuable partner! If you’re looking for a new job in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. To learn more, contact us today!




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