Spot the Lie: Best Questions to Ask When Checking References

When hiring new employees, a reference check is an important step—it helps you avoid turnover, as well as protect your employees and your company. Contacting professional references helps you learn more about a candidate’s work ethic and character. It’s your only real way to find out more about a candidate from an outside source.

Ten Questions to Ask References

So, when conducting reference checks, what should you ask? It’s wise to focus on a few key questions to make the most of your time, and that of the reference. Consider any of the following, recommended by one of the top Staffing Agencies in Savannah GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

  1. In what capacity did you work with this candidate?
  2. What were major accomplishments while working with you?
  3. What are their greatest skills and strengths?
  4. What are their weaknesses and how might we best provide support?
  5. Why did the candidate leave your company?
  6. Would you re-hire this candidate if given the chance? Why or why not?
  7. Did this person get along with co-workers and management?
  8. What is it like to work with this candidate?
  9. What else should I know that I haven’t yet asked?
  10. Would you recommend anyone else I should speak to?

Remember, you’re restricted to specific types of questions that pertain to the person’s employment and character. It’s against the law to ask anything related to protected information, including age, race and gender.

Other Checks to Conduct

Beyond reference quicks, a thorough background screening is important. You can check social media to look for any red flags or simply Google the person. It’s also a good idea to do background checks, including education and credit, and substance screens. The time you take on the front end of the hiring process can help protect your from bad or even dangerous hiring decisions.

Work with Your Recruiter

Your staffing agency can help you make good hiring choices by handling many aspects of the process, including screening. To find out what services your staffing partner offers, check with your recruiter.

Looking for a Staffing Partner in the Atlanta Area?

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group! We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and build a plan that fits. To learn more, contact us today!


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