When is it Time to Expand Your Company and Hire?

The need for growth is a good sign—it means your business is booming. The trick is to grow your staff alongside your business to keep all processes running smoothly. Without proper staff, you’ll fail to meet the needs of your customers and your reputation could suffer. So how do you know when it’s time to add more employees? Follow these tips from a top source of job openings in Augusta GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Five Indications it’s Time to Add More Staff

To staff up or not to staff up? If you’ve noticed the following, it’s time to hire more employees:

Your Current Workers are Burning Out

Empty stares, frequent requests for sick days, bad attitudes and dwindling performance… these are all signs of overworked employees. Your people can pick up the slack for a little while, but when you have too few doing too much for too long, it’s time to bring in additional hands.

Employees are Leaving

Burnout can lead to turnover. When employees decide they’ve had enough, they may just decide to search for greener pastures. If you’re experiencing loss of talent, it can be a sign it’s time to bring more candidates on board to help spread out the workload.

Your Product or Service is Suffering

When productivity dips, it can lead to human error and decreased output. If the quality of your end product is not what it once was, you may need to increase the number of employees on your payroll.

You’ve Lost Customers or Received Complaints

Customer service is important to the reputation of your business, but when your service staff has an overflowing inbox and phones are ringing off the hook, it adds to wait times. Customers who receive poor service may quickly become ex-customers. This can be a sign you need to add more people to your customer service staff.

You Never Stop Working

You may be one of the people picking up the slack. You can only delegate just so much when there’s too much work to go around. If you find yourself bringing the office home more often than not, and working late into the night, it’s time to staff up.

Work with a Recruiter

Maybe you know you need more workers, but you’ve been putting it off because finding, screening, hiring and onboarding staff can be a time-consuming task. But a recruiter can help! Recruiters are experts at what they do and can make it much easier and faster to source and hire qualified candidates.

Looking to Staff Up in August, GA?

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll work with you to find and place just the staff you need. To learn more, contact us today!



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