How to Run Team Building Activities People Will Enjoy

The term “team building” may strike dread into the hearts of your employees. This is due to nothing other than bad publicity—how many of us have seen movies or TV shows that poke fun at ropes courses and awkward outings, everyone clad in corporate t-shirts?

All kidding aside, activities and events that help your workers get to know and appreciate each other can be times to look forward to. You just need to do a little research and plan carefully. Check out this advice from one of the leading temp agencies in Conyers GA —Happy Faces Personnel Group.

How to Choose the Right Employee Activities

This might seem simple, but the best way to gather insight into what your employees like is to just ask them. Of course, you’ll encounter differing opinions and not everyone will agree. But you can take all suggestions into consideration and use them to plan multiple activities, based on the majority vote.

It’s easy to email your workers a survey using an online tool like Survey Monkey. Ask what activities they’d be interested in, acceptable duration of time, and time of day and day of the week that works best. Once you have a few options, put these to a final vote.

Think Big and Small

Activities don’t always need to be grandiose—like an off-site, day-long outing. There’s plenty you can do on-site your employees will enjoy (and smaller activities don’t cut into their workday or personal time). During your next team meeting, start with a short ice breaker, or an activity that involves brainstorming or thinking outside the box. It can be good to choose activities that have nothing to do with work-related topics—but rather fun topics that let employees’ minds run a little wild for just a few minutes. You can find examples in books like Caffeine for the Creative Team, or by doing a Google search.

Support an Interactive Workplace

Teambuilding shouldn’t only happen at special events. You can build a company culture that supports teamwork and idea sharing every day. Provide comfortable meeting areas throughout the building, and a more open floor plan that enables discussion. Assign employees as teams to complete projects together. Encourage everyone to participate during meetings.

Let Your Employees Guide You

Those closest to the work may have the best ideas about how to make your team stronger. Ask your employees for their thoughts and ideas, and put these to good use. Being involved in planning is also a great way to help your team feel comfortable working together!

Need to staff Up?

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