Three Tips to Beat Boredom in the Office

You’re at your desk staring out the window. You have a bunch of things on your to-do list, but don’t quite feel like starting any of them. Sure, it’s tempting to cruise social media on your phone… but your boss may not be too thrilled about Facebooking when you’re supposed to be working. Plus, there are much better uses of your time. So what should you do if you’re feeling bored and need something to get your mind back on your job?

Three Ways to Get Motivated at Work

If you need something to bump you into second gear, it can help to have a few tricks up your sleeve—that can help you get better at your job, too! Just check out these tips from one of the top providers of temp jobs in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Choose a New Challenge

What skill would you love to add or what project would you enjoy being part of? Think about something new you’d like to try—even if it’s a far departure from what you currently do. Then think about how you could learn this new skill—how to take a class, shadow a coworker or earn a certification, etc. Talk to your boss or recruiter about available options. Your selected challenge could also be personal—do you want to lose weight, train for a 5k, eat more vegetables or try meditating? Pick something that will help you improve yourself, which can ultimately make you a more productive employee at work!

De-Clutter Your Space

Some research shows that a messy work area makes it harder to concentrate. Clean up your desk or work station by discarding items you no longer need and packing up things that can go back home. Wipe down your keyboard, phone, monitor, mouse and desktop surface. Organize your desk drawers or files. Check with your boss to see if there’s anything available in the supply cabinet that can help you, such as hanging file organizers or desktop caddies.

Take a Walk

If you can, get up from your desk for a quick walk around the building, or take a walk outside if weather permits. Moving around can help you clear your head and get a different perspective, even by taking just a few minutes away from your desk. You may find yourself refreshed and ready to jump back into your work.

Need Something New?

If you’re really bored, it’s possible you’re not getting what you need from your job. You can talk to your boss or recruiter about ways to take on different responsibilities. But if there are not many options open to you, moving to a different job can help you feel renewed in your career.

Happy Faces Personnel Group can Help!

We pride ourselves on helping qualified candidates find jobs they love—and we’re waiting to talk to you! To learn more, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group today!


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