How to Build Better Employees: Best Advice for Training New Employees

To enhance the quality of your employees and their skills, you must help them help you! It all starts with your training process. The more efficient your training process—complete with valuable information, an accessible means of delivery, and resources for support—the easier time your new hires will have coming on board with your company.

Five Tips for the Best Training Program

Follow this advice from one of the top providers of jobs in Eatonton GA to help your new hires do their very best with your company:

Start Slow

Too much too soon just might be a recipe for disaster. Remember that a new hire is completely new to the job, and possibly even the industry. Picture yourself on your first day—you may have felt intimidated and overwhelmed. You can’t take for granted a new hire will understand aspects of the job you may now consider common knowledge—it can help to back out and imagine yourself in their place if you can. Just start training slowly (rather than information overload) and provide resources to which your new hires can refer back when they have questions.

Provide Information About Mission

Role and responsibilities are important, but your company mission and values give new hires a sense of what the company all about. This information is just as important to the job as working knowledge because it explains why you do what you do. Giving a new hire this type of “big picture” information will help them feel more welcome to the company.

Assign a Task

Many people learn better with hands-on training, rather than just verbal or written instruction. That’s why it’s good to pepper in intervals of active learning by assigning tasks. This allows a new hire to test what they’ve learned so far.

Use the Buddy System

When a new hire has a question and you’re not available, they’ll need someone with whom to check. Assigning a “buddy” to each new hire gives them the opportunity to ask questions, brush up on information and get to know a coworker all at the same time.

Check-In Frequently

Possibly even more than you feel you should. The last thing you want a new worker to feel is abandoned. So drop by once or even a few times a day to see how things are going and if they have any questions.

Your Recruiter Can Help

If you work with a staffing agency, many offer training and onboarding. To learn more, check with your recruiter to see what services are available.

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