Five Clear Signs Your Staff is Miserable… and How to Fix it!

Every employer’s dream is a staff full of happy, satisfied workers. But, it’s a delicate balance managing people, and it’s a job that requires constant attention. After all, your employees keep the wheels spinning on your business, and you want them to be inspired and invigorated by their work.

So what can you do when it seems one or more of your workers aren’t happy? First, you’ll need to know some clear indications of miserable staff… plus tips for how to turn the situation around. Just follow this advice from one of the leading staffing agencies in Savannah GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Signs of an Unhappy Employee

If you notice any of the following, it may be time to take action:

Dips in Productivity

This is especially concerning in an employee who was previously a superstar. An unhappy employee will begin missing deadlines, producing less and making mistakes.

Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals

When a worker isn’t enjoying their job any longer, they don’t want to be at work—pure and simple. If you notice that an employee who was previously punctual is wandering in late and signing out early, plus calling off more frequently, it can be a sign of trouble.

Lack of Participation

Becoming more withdrawn in the office is a big red flag a worker is unhappy. You may notice their lack of participation at meetings, with little to no idea sharing. They may also avoid work functions outside of work hours, participate in fewer conversations and simply keep to themselves.

Bad Attitude

It’s difficult to be positive when you have a grey cloud over your head! An unhappy worker may be grumpy, argumentative, quick on the defensive and possibly even toxic to other employees.

Complaints from Other Employees

It can be difficult to work with an unhappy employee, either because they continuously drop the ball, or because they’re just unfriendly overall. If you have started to get complaints from other employees, that can be a big indication you have an unsatisfied worker on your hands.

What You Can Do

First, have a conversation with the unhappy worker on an individual basis. Their change in attitude can be due to many factors—for example, maybe they have something going on at home, or maybe they feel they’re unappreciated at work. By having an honest, open conversation, you can take steps to understand their behavior. Then, work with them on a plan to improve the situation.

When It’s Not Working

If your efforts don’t seem to be making a difference, you may need to make a difficult decision. You need to protect the morale and productivity of the rest of your workers, and one unhappy worker has the ability to bring many down.

Time to Staff Up?

If you find yourself in need of new staff, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and find candidates who fit.


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