Pallet Safety Round-Up: Safety Measures to Take When Working With (and Breaking Up) Wood Pallets

Safety should always come first, regardless of your job title! When working with pallets, it’s important to take specific precautions and use proper handling techniques to avoid common injuries like puncture wounds, and sprained or broken ankles and toes. Just follow these tips from a leading provider of jobs in Statesboro, GA, to keep yourself and your co-workers safe from injury.

Seven wood pallet safety tips

Whether under load or empty, proper handling techniques are necessary when working with wood pallets. Always talk to your manager or supervisor if you have any questions about the right way to handle pallet wood. You can also follow these seven safety tips:

  1. Wear personal protective equipment. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves and safety shoes. You may also wish to wear hearing protection to minimize the sound of pallets being dropped.
  2. Never use a damaged pallet. Remove damaged pallets from your workplace to reduce injury. Move empty pallets to an area to be recycled. Check with your supervisor for more information on how to dispose of broken pallets.
  3. Clean up all debris. Splinters and wood chips from broken pallets can cause risks for slips or falls, plus damage to equipment wheels. Clean up all debris from broken pallets on a regular basis.
  4. Be careful when stepping between pallets. You can injure your ankles or knees if you lose your balance and slip when moving between pallets. Pay careful attention to your footing and where you step to avoid injury.
  5. Lift pallets properly. Since they vary in weight, pallets can be manageable to lift on your own, may require multiple people, or even a forklift. Talk to your supervisor to determine the proper technique and equipment to use when lifting wood pallets.
  6. Stack pallets properly when empty. Don’t stand empty pallets on end. They’re unstable and can tip, causing foot or leg injuries. Instead, stack empty pallets flat.
  7. Keep pallet stacks to four feet or shorter. Keep pallet stacks to a reasonable height to make them easier to handle. You can also lift full stacks in half with a forklift to make it even easier to move pallets when you need to use them.

Always ask for help when you need it

If you have any questions or need help when working with wood pallets, always ask your supervisor. Never attempt a task without a full understanding of safety precautions and proper handling techniques.

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